Do you possess cat like reflexes? Nerves of steel? Superhuman vision? A photographic memory? Blazing fast thumbs? Psychic powers? The ability to differentiate between two (yes, TWO!) shapes?

Okay so maybe you don't need all that, but if you are quick and determined enough you can beat the challenge! Will you be first to crack the code and claim the prize?

Circle Square is a simple, addictive, fast paced reaction game which challenges your brain's ability to react quickly to a given shape. Sound easy right? You'll be surprised!


Promotional offer - Cash prize to be won!

*Free Version does not include Challenge Mode



This deceptively tricky shape-matching game will challenge how quickly your brain can analyze what you see. How fast are your reactions?


Promotional offer - The first person to complete the challenge mode will win a no-strings cash prize! Terms and Conditions apply.


To succeed in challenge mode you will need great reflexes and a quick wit. Do you have what it takes to complete the game and solve the code?

Prize Pool – €250.00

For the first person to beat the game. As more people buy it, the prize fund will increase.